Hi! My Name is Rajit. I run a startup business named

‘Swopna Digital’

I’m always open to discussion filled with ideas, creative sparks and fruitful conversations. I love talking about spirituality, football, astronomy and what not? Want to discuss something? Let’s connect through email here:

Creative Rajit - Rajit Chaulagain

My Story


I am the person who spent entire childhood learning things – astronomy, programming, fixing computers, yoga, meditation, football and so on. That was the biggest source of entertainment for me. Hence unknowingly I developed a lot of skills even before I knew what the word – ‘skill’ mean, which I did not realize back then would help immensely in my quest to start a company for myself.

  Soon, that myself has turned into ourselves. There’s a lot that goes into mind while you are setting up a company – hence if setting up a company is climbing a tree, you need a lot of branches to support you in case you fall. I am fortunate enough to have a team that fulfil their role while having a lot of fun.


We, human beings are the product of our belief system. Our beliefs can either work on bringing us profoundness, or can limit us to reach our full potential. Let’s take a moment to realize the strongest beliefs that we hold in our mind.


Smart Club’s Journey …

Smart Club has always been close to my heart, after all it’s the platform where I found myself. I joined smart club in the early 2016. Since then, I have not remained the same person – it did not happen all of a sudden, but happened indeed. Sometimes, I wonder why did I involve in a public speaking platform, that’s because I used to do everything except ‘public speaking’. Nevertheless, I enhanced myself in other areas like leadership, team work and consistency. The ‘smart club’ part of my life has been an incredible journey.

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Smart Club Team - Public Speaking Club In Nepal

My Interests




Movies are the ultimate place to realize the truth. When you watch a film, you forget everything – the film becomes the truth. The pictures in motion which are shown at 24 frames per second, all of a sudden becomes a part of your journey. When the character’s action goes deeper into the subconsious mind, it becomes the belief system. Film is really powerful because it’s an art and it’s a media as well. As an art, it’s an exression of something that cannot be expressed in other forms. As a media, it’s a door to people’s mental models.



I learn many great lessons from football. In fact, most of the belief systems I’ve recently comes from one of the best coaches in the world – Jurgen Klopp. Klopp is the manager of the club – Liverpool FC. Ever since I’ve stareted watching football games from liverpool, I’ve been a well wisher for that team. Not just watching games, but I do love to play futsal whenever I get the chance.



Meditation is inner journey towards the self – Every day, we do things and search ourselves outside and outside. Maybe on the family, society and such. But the real life is within – the joy is within ourselves.

My Projects


Swopna Cademy


Swopna Cademy is our near-future elearning platform project where we’re working to create a memorable online learning experience. Only 10% of people who enroll in the online course actually complete the course. That happens mostly because most people think e-learning is just an online lecture – it’s not – it’s the power of multimedia. Let’s work together to create a multimedia experience through online channels.

Swopna Talks


Swopna Talks, a podcast from Swopna Digital where we discuss on marketing and digital-related topics. Digital Marketing is a booming field in Nepal – after all, it has way more advantages than any traditional marketing methods. But as the popularity of digital marketing increases, the myths surrounding it increases as well. Here in this podcast, we try to cover all the aspects of online marketing, so that our viewers will have a clear idea about how digital marketing works.

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