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I Wish I Knew This When I Started Doing SEO.

With plenty of information on SEO all over the internet, it’s so easy to get mislead – especially when you know nothing about SEO and Digital Marketing.

When I started doing SEO in 2016, it was a completely different approach.

Needless to say, how different it is from the way we used to approach it in 2011-12.

The biggest problem that relates to SEO in Nepal is that we’re reluctant to adapt. And this leads to a couple of problems. First is that SEO industry in Nepal itself is lagging behind – it’s not taking the momentum that it should (in comparison with social media marketing). Second is we’re not able to produce quality SEOs because what they’re lacking is ability to adapt.

SEO is a long term game with short term adaptation

SEO is a long term game.

Having said that, it’s also a short term game. How’s it even possible? – You might wonder. Yes. It is. That leads me to the difference between strategy and tactic.

Strategy is long term, while tactic is short term. Both are essential if you wish to be successful using SEO. Firstly, you need to formulate a SEO strategy that lasts (this is which will bring the enormous results in the longer run). Then, you need to come up with little tactics which sets you in the right path – in align with the longer term strategy.

Why SEO (For Business In Nepal)?

As a business owner in Nepal, you might be wondering why would I pour a lot of energy and resources on SEO rather than other online marketing channels. Few reasons below:


Consistency is the reason you would want to choose SEO over other online marketing tools.

SEO Gets You PASSIVE Traffic

Once the system is set-up, SEO helps you bring traffic to your website even if you sleep.

Increases CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Search traffics are the most fruitful, since they are highly likely to buy your products / services.

High Organic CTR

Paid traffic only gets 6% clicks on average, while first result on google gets 60% on average.

Relatively Cost-Effective

No extra costs per clicks or per impressions – only need to pay SEO specialists or consultants.

Trust and Credibility

SEO has invisible endorsement effect. The more you appear on google, the more your audience feels you are credible.

My Working Process (System)

As with every domain of the business, SEO requires a robust system.

Since the core of SEO is build traffic over, systematic approach is super important in this field.

SEO Consulting and Website Audit

First step in any digital marketing campaign is to understand the customers (+ business) and the role of website that helps achieve the marketing objective of that company.

Formulate Strategies and Tactics

After having a website audit in hand, it’s time to formulate strategies tailored to your business site and find tactics that work better so that you rank in no time at all.

Make Changes and Analytics

SEO is about making changes within your website and sometimes, on the website that links you (or social media) – it’s super essential to track those changes for better analysis.


Read my blog, where I post mostly about SEO and Digital Marketing.

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“SEO is the best investment you’ll ever make for online marketing success”

Rajit Chaulagain

SEO Pricing Plans

Here are the SEO pricing packages that I offer you (Remember that SEO service in Nepal might come cheaper than this, but not valuable than this)


Rs. 15,000 /mth

Designed for Startups

Website Audit

On Page Optimization (Up to 5 pages)

Content Writing (Up to 4 High Quality Blog Posts)

Link Building (High Quality Backlinks)

Keyword Research (Up to 50 keywords researched)


Rs. 25,000 /mth

Designed for Growing Business

Website Audit

On Page Optimization (For More Than 5 Pages)

Content Writing (For More Than 4 High Quality Blog Posts)

Link Building (High Quality Backlinks + Guest Posting)

Highly Customized Keyword Research

Email Marketing Integration (Mailchimp)

Includes Graphic Design (For Written Blog Posts)

World Class Content Marketing Plan (+ Calendar)


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