Awakening Kundalini – Quick Note

Shiva = Universal Consciousness 🕉

Shakti = Kundalini (Life Force Energy)

As Shakti meets Shiva, it brings profound gifts in our life.

As the energy uncoils from it’s home at the base of the spine and travels upwards towards the nervous system through the 7 chakras, it awakens the higher level of intelligence.

… it activates within us the higher form of creativity and awareness.

Shakti heals everything as it travels through the chakra system and opens up the chakras – which cleanses and purifies our soul.

The point of life is to connect Shiva with Shakti (or Consciousness with Life-Force Energy).

… and as it happens, it leads us towards our true home – which is the root of the universe – because it removes the karmic patterns that block our inner being express our self.

As our chakras open, it opens us to receive more cosmic energy in abundance – which certainly flourishes our life.

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