Lockdown Nepal - Corona Virus

Lockdown Resolution – To Learn Game Development + 3D Modeling

It’s been more than a week that we’ve been locked at our homes, not that we cannot get out because of the physical abilities, but because of the new Corona Virus, which has affected the entire world as of today.

Well, what’s Corona Virus?

Corona Virus is the virus that is supposed to be living inside of a bat and believed to have spread all across China. And, now it’s across all the world. For the live update on how much lives it has affected, check out his link:

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How Making Decisions Aren’t As Difficult As You Think

In life, there are many decisions we have to make.

Decisions can be as small as picking the color of shirt to wear to getting out from toxic relationships. There are times when you are correct when you make a decision and there are times when you are not. Even by not making a decision itself you are making a decision not to make a decision. So, how and when do we make decisions?

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Awekening Kundalini

Awakening Kundalini – Quick Note

Shiva = Universal Consciousness 🕉

Shakti = Kundalini (Life Force Energy)

As Shakti meets Shiva, it brings profound gifts in our life.

As the energy uncoils from it’s home at the base of the spine and travels upwards towards the nervous system through the 7 chakras, it awakens the higher level of intelligence.

… it activates within us the higher form of creativity and awareness.

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