Lockdown Nepal - Corona Virus

Lockdown Resolution – To Learn Game Development + 3D Modeling

It’s been more than a week that we’ve been locked at our homes, not that we cannot get out because of the physical abilities, but because of the new Corona Virus, which has affected the entire world as of today.

Well, what’s Corona Virus?

Corona Virus is the virus that is supposed to be living inside of a bat and believed to have spread all across China. And, now it’s across all the world. For the live update on how much lives it has affected, check out his link:

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How to Write Movie Dialogues?

Dialogues have two purposes in the story:

To move the story forward.
To reveal something about the character.
Firstly, before writing any piece of dialogue, we need to understand why we’re writing the dialogue in the first place. Even before the dialogue period (or let’s say the period of silent films), there were a lot of fantastic movies being made.

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Everyone Loves Drama …

Everyone loves drama, don’t they?

We tell the stories in the form of dramatic moments – this is what filmmakers call the plot. Let’s say you are waiting for a friend for around 15 minutes. Now, when you remember that moment, you don’t say that I’ve just waited for you for just 15 minutes. Normally, the reaction would be – ‘I’ve been waiting here without doing anything in the midst of the sunlight for you’ or something… ‘ Everyone might say in a different way – but people love to dramatize.

We’re storytellers by nature.

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Today, I Decided Something …

Today, I decided something.

I decided to write. While I say ‘write’, I mean any forms of writing. Whether it be drama or monologue, or essay, or poem – be it anything. I just want to write – but on a regular basis. And, if everything goes alright, then ‘DAILY’. While my comfort zone has always been to write an informative post or the step-by-step guide, now, I want to focus more on stories.

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