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Everyone Loves Drama …

Everyone loves drama, don’t they?

We tell the stories in the form of dramatic moments – this is what filmmakers call the plot. Let’s say you are waiting for a friend for around 15 minutes. Now, when you remember that moment, you don’t say that I’ve just waited for you for just 15 minutes. Normally, the reaction would be – ‘I’ve been waiting here without doing anything in the midst of the sunlight for you’ or something… ‘ Everyone might say in a different way – but people love to dramatize.

We’re storytellers by nature.

No matter how small our events might be – we try to make it as dramatic as possible. We might tell it as one of the most significant moments of our life. It has happened to me – to you and most probably to everyone. Having said that, the drama is not only about fights or actions or conflicts in the family. Drama lies in minor life events. For example – when we walk into the subway and meet some old friend whom you had a conflict with during childhood (maybe an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend). In that sense, the drama is everywhere. Now the question remains, what can screenwriters or storytellers learn from this fact?