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Lockdown Resolution – To Learn Game Development + 3D Modeling

It’s been more than a week that we’ve been locked at our homes, not that we cannot get out because of the physical abilities, but because of the new Corona Virus, which has affected the entire world as of today.

Well, what’s Corona Virus?

Corona Virus is the virus that is supposed to be living inside of a bat and believed to have spread all across China. And, now it’s across all the world. For the live update on how much lives it has affected, check out his link:

Well, the fact is we have been forced into our homes. And since I am the person who gets deviated a lot, I’ve decided that I would be just getting into 3D Modeling and Game Development in these lockdown days. I don’t know how many days the lockdown will continue. Of course, if it continues for long, then I may have to focus on other works as well (of Swopna Digital). But now, I expect the lockdown to be maybe a week or two. Let’s see.

So, the focus is:


Firstly, I started using photoshop and illustrator. I played with a lot of photos and tweaked them just for the sake of fun. I also made the designs for the Instagram of the company page.

Let’s have a look at what I was doing on the first day:

Although I have a lot of concepts about game development and 3D modeling, I never got time to actually stumble upon them – now was the time I thought. This was the perfect time to learn game development and 3D modeling and extend my skill. I have a bigger dream of opening a studio named ‘Swopna Studio’ and work on 3D, Film, and Game related creative projects. Hence maybe the lockdown is happening in my life for that reason.

I’ve always believed that things happen for a reason.

And when you look into the bigger picture, every experience and skill will matter. As Steve Jobs put it out – ‘You can’t connect the dots looking forward, but you can connect them looking backward’. I hope I can connect the dots of 3D Modeling and Game development somedays.

Now, if you’re wondering why did I choose Blender and Unity, these are the natural options because they’re free and are almost the industry standard. Unity is the standard for games these days. Godot was also an option, however, there’re a lot of tutorials on Unity, so it would have been easy for me in case I got stuck. For Blender, it’s not the industry standard – however, there’s nothing Blender can’t do that other software can do. People have made movies from Blender alone.

Just have a look:

Here’s what I’ve modeled till now:

3D Sword.

In addition, I’ve also started reading a few books on 3D modeling.

As with games, I’ve not made much – but I know I will make one soon especially since programming is not a big deal for me. Programming is more about knowing syntax for me these days since I already know the concepts. Now I know that games are much more than programming. A game is mostly about bringing 3 aspects together: Game Design, Programming and Game Arts.

Have a look at what I created till now (nothing fancy), but I hope I can continue building on the foundation that I’ve built during these lockdown days.