How Making Decisions Aren’t As Difficult As You Think

In life, there are many decisions we have to make.

Decisions can be as small as picking the color of shirt to wear to getting out from toxic relationships. There are times when you are correct when you make a decision and there are times when you are not. Even by not making a decision itself you are making a decision not to make a decision. So, how and when do we make decisions?

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Here’s a story to help you out:

There was a farmer who had two kids. He worked hard in his field the whole day until he had sweat all over him. But, he was not satisfied with his work. There was another farm just opposite to where he lived. Whenever the farmer saw the farm opposite to him he used to see the brighter, bigger crops. The farmer thought that his soil was infertile. He thought his crops didn’t get enough sunlight or rain on the other side.

Moreover, he blamed the soil and nature for having such unfair land. Day after day his hatred over the other side grew until one day he finally decided to go to the other side. He swam across the river, got over thrones to get to the other side. He was surprised when he reached the other side. The farmer thought he was on his own land but he realized he was not when he looked to the other side. The other side-the side he lived on-had greener, better grass with his kids playing cheerfully. After this, he realized an important lesson.

The lesson that the Grass is always greener on the other side. Then he saw another farmer working as diligently as him and growing the crops similar to him. Then on his way back home realized another important lesson. The grass is greener where you water it.

“How the hell will that story help me make the decision”, you may ask. Thus, here’s a further explanation with steps on how the story relates to making decisions.

👉 Identify the real problem

In the story, the farmer was not satisfied with his work. But this was not the real problem. The real problem was that he was not able to see the bigger picture. Often the way we see the world and the way other people see the world can be different. Making decisions just because we have the urge to do so it can have negative long term consequences. Therefore, we should try looking at the problem from the eyes of different people and look at the decision we are about to make from 3rd person perspective.

👉 Identify all possible solutions

Whenever we make decisions we often go to the radical end of the solutions not realizing there is a middle ground. The farmer could have burnt the other farm or blamed everything and completely lost hope on life. But he didn’t choose to do any of those both. Instead, he had another solution which was to go to another side and explore.

👉 Execute the solution

This is the most important part of the process. Whenever you get a solution which isn’t too extreme you have to try to execute it as soon as possible. This would be a completely different story if the farmer was often lost in his head overthinking about the pros and cons of the decision to go to another side. In case of emergencies, not making a decision can even be fatal to human life. 

Lastly, we have to keep in mind that there are no wrong decisions. Every wrong decision we thought we made taught us something. It’s important to forgive yourself, learn and move forward even if you feel you made the wrong decision.