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21 Days SEO Training in Nepal

Looking for SEO Training in Nepal?

You’re in the right place. SEO is a piece of cake – only if you learn it the right way.

With the myriad information all over the internet, it’s so easy to get mislead.

Let me help you along your journey to become an SEO specialist.

Everything About SEO Can Be Learned Online

However, there’s something effective about having a structured resource, which you can apply immediately after you learn – I’ve done the necessary hard word for you.

Well, SEO can definitely be learned online.

Only if that could be easy.

Firstly, any SEO enthusiast would find it difficult to filter all the information out there. With a myriad of information out there, anyone would find it difficult to figure out which ones work and which don’t, especially when you don’t have much time to spend learning as an SEO beginner.

Structured learning is an absolute must for SEO learners.

The truth about SEO is most of the path involves self exploration and discovery – mostly through Google searches. You’ll spend most of your time looking for solutions on Google. Regular updates and continuous empowerment is a part of the process.

Hence, structured learning brings you the benefits that’ll enrich for your lifetime, which tremendously helps in any SEO Specialist’s day to day life.

What You’ll learn?

21 Days SEO Training Course in Nepal has been designed for you so that you’ll understand all the essential ingredients for SEO success.

Website Audit

In order to make changes in the website, you need to understand where you need to make changes.

On Page SEO

At the core, website is a collection of pages – optimizing each page for a target keyword is SEO’s key work.

Link Building

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO. The more other’s website recognize, the more authoritative you are.

Keyword Research

Before optimizing a website, you need to find out what words to optimize for and is it worth targeting them?

Technical SEO

XML sitemaps, Robots.txt, HTML coding, Google Search Console and every technicalities you need to know

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting is an essential aspect of SEO, not just for better analysis but also for better client’s relationship.

SEO Learning Process

SEO is not like any other subjects. Most of the tactics you learn keep on changing.

What we’ll train you in this course to optimize the website for users – which always beats any tactics.

Learn 200+ Google Ranking Factors

Google uses more than 200 ranking factors to rank website for any keyword searches. In this course, we’ll mention all those factors which you need to understand.

Implement Live Changes on the Website

After learning all those factors, you need to understand how do you prioritize all those factors and when and where to make changes within and outside of the website.

Continuously reflect the SEO algorithms

The best part of being an SEO specialist is that you’re not truly an expert. You’ll need to continuously equip yourself with newer algorithms, tactics and strategies.


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“SEO is the best investment you’ll ever make for online marketing success”

Rajit Chaulagain

How Much Does It Cost?

Since SEO is the fundamental backbone of any online marketing campaign,

learning SEO is one of the best investments for anyone working in the online marketing field.

Advanced Course

Rs. 25,000

Designed for Students and Working Professionals

Website Auditing

On Page Optimization (Advanced Strategies)

Content Writing (with Advanced Content Planner + Calendar)

Link Building (High Quality Backlinks + Guest Posting)

Profitable Keyword Research Techniques

Email Marketing Integration (Mailchimp)

Graphic Design Basics (for Blog Posts)

Technical SEO (Sitemaps, Robots.txt and many more)


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Hi! My name is Rajit Chaulagain. I’m passionate about SEO and filmmaking. SEO in Nepal has not gained the momentum it should. Let’s work together to build #DigitalNepal

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